Updated Forum and New Bug Fixes

Hello All!

I hope the start of your search fro a new job is off to a good start. Now is the time to make sure you have all of your materials in order!

I wanted to announce a few new changes to the site:

  1. The default sorting of the job sheet has finally been fixed! It now sorts by date as a default, however, you can sort by any column you would like once it loads up. Check it out on the Home Page.
  2. The ability to comment on individual jobs has been fixed. Rather than talking about a job in the forum, I always thought it would be easier to let people comment directly on the specific job page itself. You can do this towards the bottom of each page the same way you can update the job status. Have a look on one of the recent job postings.
  3. The biggest change has been to the forum. After receiving feedback that people did not like how much they had to click around to read and participate in conversations, I have made the change to simplify the forum. Now, there is a single place for all conversations. A single click will allow you to see the thread and you can immediately respond. In order to help organize posts, new conversations can be “tagged” by the person that creates the new thread. Have a look at the new forum here!

As always, I would love to see what people think. I am always trying to improve the experience for everyone!

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