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    This website is a possible evolution of the Google Doc. At this point in time you may have arrived here after seeing someone mention this website on the Google Doc. Maybe you’re sick of posts being deleted; maybe you’re sick of entire threads being deleted; maybe you’re sick of people sorting the various sheets and messing everything up. Whatever your reason, welcome to a place where your responses won’t be censored and it’s pretty impossible to screw up sorting. It is probably too late for this website to become the go-to for the 2017-18 job market, as the job updates on this website have not kept up to date with jobs being posted. But keep it in mind for 2018-19. And tell your friends.

    I am not the owner of this webiste, nor do I have any interest in it. I’m just someone who thinks it’s ridiculous that the Google Doc owner banned all reference to this website in an attempt to smother competition. I hope the owner of this website keeps it up for 2018-19, even though they were unfairly shanked by the Google Doc owner this year.

    (Though I also think the forums need to be improved to be more Google-doc-esque! Let’s go, mgmtphdjobs owner!)

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    MGMT PhD Jobs

    Thanks for the shout out, I appreciate the support!

    We got off to a decent start for the first year of this site existing. Lots of jobs were posted until we really started to get backlash from the owner of the google doc. It seems like lots of users stuck with the tried and true method after that.

    And to be fair, I had a lot of bugs in the system for the first year. Some still exist, others are more design flaws more than anything.

    But, there were a LOT of improvements made – what the site looks like now compared to when it first launched is night and day. I am certainly open to further feedback! My plan is to go through another round of feedback and changes to get ready for the next job market cycle. Hopefully the site will be polished enough in users eye’s that they choose to make this the option over the google sheet.

    I thought this project would be much easier in terms of convincing people this was the better alternative. But between the beta testing nature and the resistance from some to give up what I guess they see as some type of power, it has turned out to be a lot more work than I thought!

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    This is definitely the way of the future, hopefully others will use this going forward for the 2018-2019 year. How should we get the word out?

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    Does anyone know who the owner is of the other Google doc or why that person would care if people moved over to this website?

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    Can someone provide the link to the 2017-18 Google Doc? I’ve been using this website but it looks like very few people have been updating the status of each position. Thanks!

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