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    MGMT PhD Jobs

    I think it has been two or three years since I really have done anything to this site. I have kept it up because it only costs a few bucks to keep the domain and I am hosting it with my own other websites.

    I take it the Google sheet got deleted or something?

    Can people give me an idea of this is something they are interested in seeing be updated? I have some time since it is summer if people can point me in the right direction.

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    Yes – someone has been deleting stuff on the Google sheet on a daily basis (the abuse started in the 18-19 sheet but was limited to those threads about a specific school but the quickly escalated into full-blown sabotage for the 19-20 sheet (think about removing entire tabs multiple times a day). Because there is no clear mechanism to prevent abuse, people have moved over to other platforms. Some have started a subreddit (; others, myself included, may want to give this site another try because they prefer a dedicated website over a generic, nonprofessional platform.

    My main complaint is it’s not clear how to post a new thread unless you land on the right page. To be specific, you cannot post a new thread on the homepage (, and there is not a link that can get you the function on the page. I’m sure other users can chime in and identify other issues. But overall, kudos to you for keeping the site alive and hopefully offering an alternative to Reddit.

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      MGMT PhD Jobs

      Sounds like a simple issue to fix, I’ll take a look at that tomorrow first thing when I get to my laptop.

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    Thanks for keeping this site up! I had high hopes for this site back when you started it because I saw the writing on the wall for the google sheet. It took a couple more years for the google sheet to finally die (as the previous poster explained).

    In terms of how to update the sheet, I don’t know if there’s a better way to organize the forum, but someone very kindly rescued information from the google sheet and posted it in the forum today. It might be helpful to have ‘folders’ in the forum (or whatever the correct jargon is) so that we can organize conversations similarly to the sheet (General Q&A, Micro Q&A, etc.).

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      MGMT PhD Jobs

      When I originally launched the site a few years back, I originally had 6 or 7 subforums set up. I assumed people would like them similar to how the sheet had multiple tabs with different conversations but the original feedback was people didn’t like it.

      I’m happy to go back to that if people think that would be better.

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    Thank you for keeping this up! I also prefer this over reddit.

    It would also be amazing if we could do two things related to job postings:
    1) Could we have 2 separate ways to enter macro versus micro jobs? OR a way to filter them?
    2) Could we download the jobs into a csv or .xls sheet so we can make notes?

    I don’t know how difficult what I’m asking for is, so please disregard if it a lot of work or impossible.
    Thank you for all you’ve done for this!

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      MGMT PhD Jobs

      The entire sheet is already filterable… If you start typing into the search bar, the list will automatically filter out based on your search. I feel like there used to be an expert function, let me take a look tomorrow and see what might have happened to that.

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        Got it! Thank you! The filter function works very well. I forgot how it worked! (I was on the job market 2 years ago when this was started.)

        I might be wrong about folks needing the export function. When I was on the job market, I downloaded the job list a few times to keep a list, but there are other ways of creating the list.

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    MGMT PhD Jobs

    Thanks for the input everyone. The Google sheet and issues with unreliable members was something I personally had issues with too when I was on the market. I figured others would be interested in a new solution, but there wasn’t a ton of interest.

    The real issue was I started getting blamed for EVERY little issue with the Google sheet. People assumed I was there one causing issues, which was obviously ironic since all those issues have always existed (as is being seen now). I honestly gave up trying, people just didn’t seem interested.

    And I actually just looked at the 18-19 sheet for the first time in awhile, sure enough, someone thinks I am responsible for the 19-20 sheet’s demise lol!

    I see two possible results here: things blow over and someone opens a new Google sheet and things go on as usual. Or, people find something new. I am happy to make some basic improvements, I was doing that when I launched this a few years ago and would be happy to keep making updates the best I can.

    My thing is I obviously don’t want to waste time if people aren’t really interested in seeing this as a long term solution. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not looking to make any money off this.

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      I am fairly sure the issues with the google doc will not blow over. I don’t know what others think, though.
      Also, for what it’s worth, I feel like the person talking about the “making money” motivation was really one person. It sounded like the same voice giving the same response over the years.
      Most of us really appreciate this effort! Thank you!

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        I agree. Google doc is dead. Barriers have been crossed and even if people behave for a while, someone will start again. Right now it’s just annoying because the market isn’t in full swing yet. Imagine the chaos if it happens again in October.

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      Even if someone opened a new Google sheet, I think the trust of self-governance has been lost. Whoever contribute to the sheet will have to wonder whether their contributions will be erased by a lunatic in an hour, a day, or a month.

      Given the longevity of similar platforms in peer disciplines such as econ and polisci, I don’t see why we can’t have something like that. Even if the Reddit thing has legs, I think our field is big enough for two platforms.

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    Thanks for maintaining this site. I hope that others will also use it.

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    I have encountered an issue with spamming control – whenever I post something with a link, the system would mark it as a spam. I also can’t post with VPN on because the system would “blacklist” me as scam. This really runs counter to the goal of anonymity. I wonder if you could make the spamming control less restrictive, or at least make it more accommodating to anonymous browsers who use various VPN services.

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      MGMT PhD Jobs

      I can take a look at it for sure. Internet forums like this one are notorious for being targeted by spammers looking to create links back to their own websites. Often the content is pretty weird too when it gets through.

      I’ll double check the settings tomorrow and see if there is anything that can be done to make things a little less restrictive.

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        That would be great. Thank you!

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          MGMT PhD Jobs

          Would you mind sending a screenshot of the error you are getting to I double checked the spam filter settings and posting links is set to be allowed for approved comments.

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