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    Not sure if it’s possible, but fixing the menu at the top (i.e., “home, post a job, … etc.” so it doesn’t scroll off the screen when I go down the page would be nice – it would be like how on the old google document you could easily switch ‘tabs’ by going to the bottom of the screen. As it is, I have to scroll back up to the top if I want to switch menus.

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    MGMT PhD Jobs

    How you describe it is actually how it worked originally. But there were a few people that asked to have it scroll away since it was taking up a decent amount of space on the screen.

    I am open to either, just want to see what most people want before changing it back or leaving it as is.

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    OP here: maybe a compromise, with the menu being very thin (like as thin as the WordPress menu) once you scroll down the page?

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    That’s a good idea, I wonder if they can make it work that way.

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