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    I want to give some unsolicited advice to those who are on the market in the coming year. There will be some who agree with this and some who might not. But here it goes: there is an idea that AOM meetings do not matter, they are just for weeding out, and that you can take your time because deadlines are very late. I suggest that you do not follow this logic. There are several reasons for this, please follow the next few cells.

    It is true that most R1 schools do not officially interview at the career center but many do meet outside of the official system. These are occasionally informal meetings at a coffee shop, or somewhat formalized ones outside of the career center rooms. At the very least, if the job ad is up by the time AOM comes along, you can be sure that members of that faculty will be on the lookout for that position. Moreover, multiple SCMs on previous years noted that while they did Skype interviews later on, many invited candidates came from AOM meetings. Finally, there are schools who decided on campus invitations before their deadlines expired (yes before).

    If I were you, I’d get on with my job market documents as early as possible and have template documents ready by early-mid June. This does not mean stop working on your documents though, by all means make your JMP better, but have a draft that can go out. I’d also start applying as early as possible. The only caveat is that if you have something that will significantly alter your CV, you might want to wait. I feel like the job-market cycle is going earlier and earlier, all else being equal I don’t see any upside to applying late, but there can be many negatives. I don’t want to start an argument. It is what I am observing and I’d like to just share this with those who are beginning their search process.

    – Thanks OP
    – Yeah, I got a job offer to an private R1 and interviews at other R1s solely off of AOM interviews. They were highly ranked but still a ways lower than my PhD institution. I had serious geogrpahic interests in those locations and they normally would have assumed someone like me would not have accepted an offer there, and just skipped over taking my appication seriously.

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    Thanks, whoever you are, for cross-posting info from the sheet to this website!

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      You’re welcome – I’ll try to post the most useful info from the old spreadsheet (back in its open access days – I don’t have access to the current one) in my free time.

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