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    How does market see a solo-authored A publication or advanced R&R? Does this give a positive signal or negative signal?

    – Some say it is even worth better than 3 As at least on the job market, yet some say you don’t know how to collaborate your colleagues or just don’t like to co-work with someone else, something negative.
    A solo A as a PhD is extremely impressive. If you are up for tenure and you only have solo publications then I can see how it would be a negative… I think the problem with seeing all “A” pubs equally is that some schools are known to attach their PhDs to the end of papers to give them a better chance on the market. So there is a question of how capable the student is to produce A work on their own (particularly if they are 3rd/4th author). You should have more than just 1 paper in the works by the time you are on the market, so if you had a solo A pub and a pipeline of papers with others, I’d say that is good.

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    Some schools are known for adding their students to the paper for some RA work. I would say publications from these institutions are heavily discounted and 3As from these schools won’t lead you to a top school. Other schools, though there is a discount, I would say A pub is highly valued and even more if you are the first author.

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      Agreed. You tend to see a lot more pubs in certain topic areas (which are highly correlated with schools) than others.

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