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    For AOM — dress code? Suit every day? Only when you present? What about PDWs?

    – Personal preference. Most people wear a suit if they are on the market.

    – When I was on the market some time ago, wearing a suit and a tie was a clear signal that you are on the market. x3

    <- Building off this comment, which is pretty much still true today, I would only wear a suit if you are on the market. Otherwise, you will get a lot of questions regarding being on the market that will get tired of answering. Those questions get old fast, even when you are on the market and it full on sales mode.

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    I don’t think it’s so strict that you should only wear a suit if you are on the market. Wear what you want (that is presentable). A good looking suit looks good. There are people who wear suits all the time. I prefer more casual wear for comfort.

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    I think that wearing a suit and tie to your interviews appears to be the norm in my market year, which is not too long ago. It may signal that you know the norms and want to show respect for the interview process/interviewers. Whatever you do, just don’t stand out in a bad way.

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    Wear the suit for sure to your interviews. You will see some people in a suit 100% of the time if they are out of their room (like at restaurants too!) but I do not think you need to be that extreme. I guess they think they are going to run into someone from a school they interviewed with?

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