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    I want your advice. I’m an early career scholar from Europe and this is my 4th year Post-PhD program. I have worked in two european business schools as Assistant Professor and hope to move to R1 US University. The drawback though is that my publication record is still developing. I have 1 PPsych, 3 JBE, and 1 JVB published (all first or second authored with no big name). I also have 7 first-authored R&Rs (1 JAP, 3 PPsych, 3 JOM). Do I stand a chance or should I postpone going to the market till next year?

    — I don’t see any benefit to waiting longer. You do have several solid R & Rs. Either way you need to have materials ready to send over, so I would just put everything together, and put as much effort as possible into your cover letters. Worst case, you have a solid draft of your materials for the following market. Just my two cents.

    — Strategy R1, this is all second hand experience based. It seems that the top OB candidates are those with 3+ A publications. I don’t know the journals where you have publications but you seem to have some great R&Rs in the pipeline. I think you’d have an easiesr time if you wait for hits from those in the pipeline

    — Thank you for your generous advice D and E.

    — It depends on what you are looking for. If you want to go top tier R1, than you should probably wait until they hit. However, lower tiered R1 would love your research record. It shows a lot of promise, and if even some of those hit you would be sitting really well for tenure decisions. One thing to note also, many of the candidates coming out with multiple As are not first author on most of them. Schools do notice this kind of a thing. So haveing 7 first author R&Rs at the places you mention should make you competitive. Just my 2 cents.

    — I think you have a decent chance at those R1s that count PPsych and JOM as top tier outlets.

    — Associate at R1. You have a good shot at a set of good schools. Waiting for those R&Rs to hit likely won’t help you with top-tier R1s. Those schools will take into account that you graduated 4 years ago. On a normal clock you’d be going up for tenure in a year or so. To be attractive to them, you’d need to have a packet that was almost tenureable. Those schools are also going to be looking for articles in the following journals: AMJ, AMJ, JAP, OrgSci, ASQ, OBHDP, PPsych, or top psych journals. JOM only counts for tenure at a small handful of top R1s. See a post on the 2018 doc to see that a lot of top state R1s count PPsych. You should have a good chance at some of the lower-tier R1s. Give it a shot. You can always go on the market again next year.
    <-Largely agree, except that at the “top-tier R1s”, especially those that would value the top psych journals, it’s much more likely that OBHDP rather than PPsych will be on the list. I’ve been at 3 top 10/top 20 institutions, and OBHDP was an A at every single one, whereas PPsych wasn’t even in the conversation. All private schools, though, so you might get more mileage out of a PPsych at state schools.
    <–I agree with you. I accidentally left OBHDP off my list. It’s on there now. Yes, at the private R1s OBHDP is more likely to count than PPsych. It’s a lab-focused journal, which meshes well with the social psych focus at many private schools.

    — OP here: Many thanks for sure insightful comments. I’ll surely give it a shot at low- tier R1s…I’m not sure which good schools would fall into this category and where I can find info about these classifications.

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