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    Can anyone give advice for those of us who will be at AOM for the first time?

    — A good question, but a big one to tackle. Interviews? Preparing for interviews? Presentations? PDWs? Social events? Networking? What specific advice are you looking for? That said, my general advice is to use the online schedule to plan what PDWs and presentations you wish to attend, and which social events. Since it is your first AoM I am assuming you are a doctoral student. I would try to get 5 minutes or so with whoever is running the doctoral consotrium(s) in the division(s) of which you are a member. Express your interest in attending in the future and ask when you should apply and what they look for when selecting attendees. If you have already finished your PhD you might consider the early or mid career consortiums.

    <- Thank you. I was wondering how to write an “expression of interest” for the PDW I am interested in. Also just any tips on how to present: I have done a few seminars but this will be my first time at a conference

    <- For presentations: don’t put too much stuff. You will have limited time (about 15 mins tops), think of what is interesting rather than what would be required if this was an article. Ex: if this is an empirical paper with a survey, don’t need to present all of your reliability validity stats – have them at the end of slide deck in case someone asks, but keep it interesting.

    — Also for presentations: don’t go over your alloted time. It is incredibly rude to go over your time and you do not want to get embarassed by being cutoff by the session chair.

    — Thanks all!

    — Another rookie mistake I see often is too much text on the slides.
    <—H is so right. And/or very small font size on tables. Make it readable to those in the back row!
    Someone will be in the back row?!?!?!

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