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    MGMT PhD Jobs

    Happy to announce we are up and running! Looking forward to everyone’s feedback. Check us out on Facebook where we will be highlighting developments with the site and new job postings:

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    Looks pretty good so far. Hopefully this will fix some of the issues with the Google sheet. I kept having my comments get deleted by people.

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    MGMT PhD Jobs

    Hey Giraffe! You are the first ever public poster, congrats!

    Yes, this forum will certainly help facilitate a much better discussion. No one can delete anything except administrators.

    But you can still post anonymously as you just have! Which is important. But, you can also create your own account if you would like.

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    Glad to see this running. Are there features that you would like people to test out?

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      MGMT PhD Jobs

      Hi eawtry, welcome! Posting and editing jobs has not had a lot of use yet, so I expect to find some bugs. Also, using the sheet might need some adjustments, just based on better directions on the different functions it has.

      The forum itself is flexible, so I am interested to see if people like the way it currently is laid out and functions.

      Thinking about this, I am actually going to add another separate forum section for bug reports and suggestions for improvements. Thanks again, and welcome!

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    I just want to say big ups to the creator(s) of this. It’s a great resource and SO MUCH cleaner than the old site. Kudos.

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      MGMT PhD Jobs

      Thanks for the kind words! There are still some minor bugs to be worked out and features to be added, but I think this will be a great resource for people going through the job search process.

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    HI, there is sorting problem for job posts. After I sorted job posts by date and clicked Page 2, it still goes back.

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      MGMT PhD Jobs

      Just checked it, seems to be working to me even after going to the second page. If it is still giving you trouble, you can avoid going to a second page by just displaying all the jobs on the first page by clicking on the “show” number on the top left and asking it to show up to 100 jobs on one page at a time.

      Hope that helps!

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    Can the jobs be edited better so that it shows what term there for? Most of us looking to use this cite this summer will be looking for vacancies starting Fall 2018

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      Looks like there aren’t a ton posted yet. And the ones that are seem to be openings for 2018 for the most part.

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    Aaron Bradford

    All the best with this – has been a great project to work on!

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    Maybe add a forum titled “Starting the job” – that seems to be a common discussion point from the google doc.

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