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    MGMT PhD Jobs

    Hi All

    So based on feedback here as well as on this year’s Google Sheet, it seems that people aren’t crazy about the way the forums work here. I was a little surprised since I modeled this off of every other internet forum I have ever seen, but it seems like people really got used to the quick and easy use of the Google Sheet.

    So here is my idea: eliminate all of the subforums here and instead have a single forum for all posts. It seems most people do not like having to click around too much to read posts, so the idea to make a single forum would make it so a single click allows you to see all the recent topics and another click would allow you to read posts and post a reply if you wanted.

    I would love to hear what people think before completely revamping everything, thanks again for all the support!

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    Yes! The current set up takes longer to navigate. Google Sheet was easier to navigate.

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    I like the current system. The thing that made it easier for me was when I realized that the home page has the most recently updated posts if you scroll past the job openings. I know it is silly to have missed it, but once I saw that, it made things much easier.

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      MGMT PhD Jobs

      This was a recent addition, don’t feel too bad about not seeing something that did not use to be there 😉

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    This is a nice compromise, and I think inadvertently solves a problem that the Google Sheet had–there could be three or four pages that had relevant conversations happening, but you’d have to click on each tab to figure it out.

    You could also go a step further and utilize tags or “flair” (like on Reddit) to allow people to delineate something that is a particularly topic. For example, OB market questions could be tagged with “OB” or have “[OB]” at the beginning of the subject line.

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    MGMT PhD Jobs

    This is true, I do believe this forum software allows for “tagging” posts so they stand out based on their specific topic. So a single forum with all posts that are still categorized if people are looking for something specific.

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    I posted that prior suggestion about altering the forums, and I agree this edit would make things simpler.

    I still think an ongoing problem will be that the Google sheet is easier to navigate/see everything, and I don’t know what the solution would be for that – it’d require a very large change in the way the forums are presented (i.e. away from this typical internet forum format), and again I don’t know what it would look like, so I’m not providing solutions. 🙂

    I am speechless as to what’s going on in the Google sheet right now though. Aside from basically making stuff up about you charging for the website and other crap, someone has also deleted the link to this webpage off the 2016 version of the Google sheet so only the link to the 2017 Google sheet exists now. Then they set it up so it’s view-only so you can’t make edits to put the link back up. Someone (and I presume it’s just one crazy person) really doesn’t want this site to work. No good deed goes unpunished, apparently…

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      MGMT PhD Jobs

      My guess is that the person that owns the Google Sheet does not like the idea of losing whatever “power” they have had for however many years they have been running it. It seems childish to me, but hey, we are all management people here. Competition forces organizations to improve.

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    Reducing the number of clicks needed to get to a discussion is definitely the right approach. An even more radical, and potentially more fruitful, change would be to have a general forum on the front page. An example of this is As soon as you enter their site, you immediately see a discussion board and a job postings board (smaller size than what we have). Personally, I think having a discussion board front and center, as soon as you enter the site, is key to getting more traffic. This would give this website a more interactive feel, and people would want to keep coming back to keep up with the recent rumors and gossip.

    In addition to the general forum (that shows up on the front page), we could have a OB forum, strategy forum, and maybe one or two others (we can start with a few and add more as needed). And we definitely need fewer layers of pages within the discussion forum. Right now, we have application process, interview process, etc., within the general job market Q&A forum, and I don’t think all of that’s necessary. Finally, just a minor thing. Compared to the econjobromours discussion boards, the boards here seem to a have margins around each post. If you could pack more comments within one page, I think that would also help mimic the feel of the spreadsheet that so many people have gotten used to.

    I must add that you’re really doing us all a big favor by working so hard on this website. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it, and I’m sure many people out there are grateful as well.

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    MGMT PhD Jobs

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone! Overall it sounds like everyone agrees things need to be simplified, and it seems like a single forum with all posts makes the most sense.

    The idea of putting the discussion forum on the front page seems pretty radical. To me, it seems people are mostly coming to look at the job list, so if you make it hard to get to that page, people might get turned off.

    I am very much leaning towards changing around the forums, but keeping the page structure the same at this point.

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    I would actually agree with what was said about putting discussion/forums more front and center. I think that’s one of the things people enjoy most about the Google sheet. Don’t get me wrong, the comprehensive job info is great, and I think one way to differentiate this site from the Google sheet is to make sure it’s always got the most up-to-date info on jobs. That will get people to come here for the info, not there – it provides a better product. But, what will keep people coming back regularly – even when they are done with the job market – is the forums.

    To put it differently, the Google Sheet had in essence 2 sheets devoted to job listing info and about 3-4x that many devoted to various discussions. Asking/answering questions is a key part of these types of documents.

    Finally, I don’t know if it’s possible, but it would be good to have that “Error: Empty CAPTCHA” note to appear at the very top of the screen vs. down by where the message is written…or to somehow make it more obvious when you click “submit” that it actually hasn’t been submitted yet (e.g. don’t reload page, big error button appears by the submit button, etc.).

    Here’s the issue: I write out a post on a long thread like this and I hit submit but I forgot to fill out the Captcha. After clicking submit I am redirected to the very top of the page/thread – ok, looks good, no error message in sight. But while I think it’s submitted and I then go on to somewhere else, in reality, it didn’t post – and I won’t see that message unless I manually scroll down to the very bottom of the page again (which is not something most people would do). So whenever the message thread is long enough to push down that error message off of my screen, I won’t see it unless I manually scroll down to check, and my message won’t be posted (and I won’t know it’s not posted).

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    MGMT PhD Jobs

    So I have made these changes, I’ll have more info on other updates soon!

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    Now you just need a way to get rid of those spam posts. 🙂

    Is there a spot to have it display more than just 6 threads per page on the forum page?

    Also: the “Error: Empty CAPTCHA” message still shows up at the bottom of the page after a failed post (while the user is redirected to the top of the page, meaning they may not notice it).

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      MGMT PhD Jobs

      Yes, I am looking into some better ways to fight spammers. Going to look to implement that sometime this week hopefully.

      I can make a change to have it display more threads at once. Any suggestion on how many? I worry to many will make it so people won’t see how to add a new thread under the existing ones.

      Could you email me a screenshot of the issue you are running into with the CAPTCHA? I am trying to recreate it myself, but I have not been able to.

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