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    MGMT PhD Jobs

    Hi All

    Thanks to all of you keeping up with the postings! I think we are around 60 total right now.

    Also, I wanted to point out I have cut off two columns from the home page job listing – post URL and contact info. Since the code loads every column in there by default, it really cluttered the list even though (I assume) very few people are searching or sorting off those columns.

    That information is still available on the individual job page when you click for more info.

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    Thanks for making the changes! Thanks to you, this website keeps getting better every day.

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    I second that! Great to see the improvements keep coming.

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    Agreed – Great website!!!

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    Alan D Boss

    I don’t see anything since June 29. And the option to export to excel or CSV is gone. Am I missing something?

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      MGMT PhD Jobs

      It seems like people have not been keeping up with postings like they were throughout June. I would encourage everyone to pitch in as new jobs get posted as it can only help everyone.

      I am working on improving the export functions, so those will be coming back soon! I didn’t want to keep them enabled while they were being worked on since there was the potential for bugs to be worked in the system. Hoping to have all that back up very soon.

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    Hi, thank you for the initiative in making this resource available to everyone.
    I have been following this website since May and have a couple of observations up till now:

    Is the coverage of schools by user-input only?

    I noticed that several jobs, e.g. U.Oregon, Catholica Lison, were not posted. I wonder if there is a way to automatically scrape the data from various sites. Otherwise the inconsistent coverage might limit the potential of this wonderful site.

    Also due to competitive reasons, people may not feel motivated to post. So this brings in the question of how to incentivize community efforts.

    A useful column would be to include application deadlines.


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      MGMT PhD Jobs

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Yes, all data is user input as it traditionally has been on the Google Sheets. Things always seemed to work without any issues for the past however many years, but it seems people here and on the Google Sheet are not keeping up with all the postings.

      If you notice there are jobs missing, please help post! It only takes a few seconds to add a new job.

      Application deadlines are included on each jobs specific page. It will only show if the person includes the field when they enter the job.

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    I just tried to submit a job/update (haven’t seen any public posting, but was invited to interview at AOM), but got a page not found error (twice). I do have aggressive privacy settings (it looks like 11 cookies are blocked for this site), but I’ve posted jobs, updates, and forum posts before without issue.

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