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    Access is by request/invitation only now.

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    No chance people will want to use their email. I guess you could just grab a fake email account?

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      I can’t be bothered to create a fake email. Is the sheet functional again under this system? Are people using it?

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        +1, I also wonder about the current state of the sheet. Any updates would be appreciated.

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          I’ve just requested to be allowed into the google doc – I’ll report back as soon as I can.

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            I’ve been on the google doc for a few days. Most of the people who are on it are not anonymous – they are using their google accounts. At any given time, there are usually 10 people on the document and there isn’t a ton of activity. If you decide to sign up for the google doc, you first request access, then wait a day or two before receiving it because it is individually approved by the sheet owner. I’ve corresponded with him and he seems nice and responsible, so I think the google sheet will be reliable moving forward. The Reddit option doesn’t seem to have a lot of posts, although it seems like this website format has the least number of people currently posting. You can look at reddit anonymously without singing up, but I think we have to sign up to be able to post. That can remain anonymous, depending on what username you use.

            I think the benefit of this page is that it can totally be anonymous and nothing can be deleted. A downside is that I don’t know if I can change someone else’s job posting with updated information (if they leave out teaching load, for example). I’m not sure if the casual user knows they can post anonymously because it says the name and mail are both required.

            In sum, I think we are still figuring out which format to use! Hope this info helps.

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              Thanks for the report!

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    Yeah, the sheet’s owner was hoping people would get fake email accounts to use it. I wonder if we should sent the three options (this website, reddit, and the google doc) out to the listserves so people are aware of the options? And where SCM, AA, AP, etc. help is needed?

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      Good point on the fake emails – how the heck are they going to track down the troublemaker if s/he just uses a fake email to get in? The spreadsheet should just rest in peace.

      On the other hand, even with the improved functionality, this site hasn’t attracted a ton of traffic, which is kinda disappointing and baffling. Do most people just go for Reddit or quit everything all together?

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        It’s still early. As the market ramps up people will be looking for info all over the place. When I was on the market I used the sheet, but also checked higheredjobs, chroniclevitae, and AOM pretty much daily. I think the community can definitely handle multiple platforms.

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          That makes sense – let’s hope that the platform will take off when the market kicks into high gear.

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        Yeah, good question. I haven’t checked reddit lately, but it didn’t have a ton of activity last time I looked. Maybe people are just waiting until the market heats up to see what happens??

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    How do you even get access to the google sheet? I clicked ‘request access’ and it said contact the person directly. Reddit is my preferred option, but I want information shared across. Any medium is useless if people stop sharing information and the new google doc is not likely to encourage participation.

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    They’ll grant access after seeing your request.

    The issue now is now the community is fractured, some here, some on the sheet, some on reddit. Also with loss of anonymity people might be less willing to ask questions and answer… just pretty sad overall

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