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    With the demise of the 2019-2020 Google spreadsheet, I’ve decided to switch over to this platform because I’m not a huge fan of the idea of discussing our profession on a website that also features bitter political debate and crazy animal memes. I may be the only one out there, but I will try my best to reply to posts on this website, and I probably won’t consider using Reddit for the same purpose (I’m not affiliated with the website in any way).

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      Glad to know I’m not the only one! btw, macro AP at R1 here.

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        micro AP at a balanced school 🙂

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    I’m completely over the google doc and the TAMU troublemaker who destroyed it (yes, let’s not forget that the demise of the google sheet was accelerated by someone bitter about a minor debate over whether or not College Station was a nice college town). I honestly prefer this site to Reddit, but I’m going to use both. I don’t care at all what other subreddits do. I didn’t quit twitter or instagram or any other social media site just because I don’t like some parts of it. I just don’t visit those parts. That said, I really hope that the community is able to support multiple options both to suit different member preferences and to reduce the likelihood of losing these types of resources due to the actions of motivated troublemakers.

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    The whole TAMU fiasco was insane – yes, a small number of people who didn’t like the school or the area may have been trolling and joking, but whoever wrote those ridiculous pro-TAMU/College Station comments was (were) clearly disturbed, and it saddens me that the spreadsheet was single-handedly destroyed by probably one saboteur (probably related to TAMU) and that people flocking to Reddit have to deal with all the gimmicks (e.g., “karma”) to post and edit threads there. I find some subreddits interesting and entertaining too and I totally agree that people should be free to choose whatever they prefer.

    If the owner of this website still wants to see it succeed, now is probably the best time. Mirror the structure and organization of econjobrumors and listen to users’ feedback. If the owner can get the basic functionalities right and a critical mass of up-to-date info and active contributors, I don’t see why it can’t be a more robust platform for conversations of job markets and beyond.

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    It makes me sad that people who are presumably getting PhDs act that way. I do feel that over the years, the posts on the sheet have become more bitter possibly due to the greater competition for jobs (at least that I’m seeing). I hope the sheet will recover next year.

    I don’t care for reddit as well. Asking people to create accounts will presumably limit answers, especially from more established academics who still read the sheet.

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      Exactly! That’s what I wanted to say. I assume that many people wouldn’t want to create a reddit account just to provide input for job markets. That alone will severely limit the types of information and perspectives that you will get. I don’t know Google sheet will ever recover from this, and if it doesn’t, let’s hope this forum will emerge as a good alternative.

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    I am an associate professor who does not want to create an account for reddit. I have participated on the job market sheet for several years, and my school has hired 5 of the 8 years I have been here and I will be on the search committee again this year. It’s a shame the spreadsheet is dead.

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