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    MGMT PhD Jobs

    Hi all

    Given some of the interest some are expressing about potentially using this site going forward, I made three easy (but big) updates:

    1. Cleaned out the sheet from old jobs. Last time the job list was actively being updated was when I was doing it in 2017. The only jobs in the list now are those added by some users over the last few days.

    2. Fixed the forum so the ability to add new topics is where it should be.

    3. Added SSL certification for the site. I never thought it was that important, but I have since changed my mind. Since people are maybe going to use this again, I have added it for privacy.

    4. Made a small fix on the job status check boxes. There were some duplicates.

    As far as any other updates, I really need to see that people are interested in using this going forward. I am happy to make easy updates where I can, but big things will require some interest from the community going forward.

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    You rock! Thank you!

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    Much appreciated!

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    Thanks a lot!

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    MGMT PhD Jobs

    Just noticed that when posting to the forum is says name and email are “required”… This is obviously NOT the case and may be deterring people when they see it. I will update this first chance I get!

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    Thanks for the updates. I have another request, and I’m not sure if it’s possible, but is there a way to update a job posting once it’s been posted? Sometimes people post and don’t fill out all the fields. If teaching load is left blank, but I know it’s a 2-2, is there a way to update it?

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      The “view more” link on the left of each job lets you update it

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        Unless I’m missing something, the “view more” only lets you update things like interview or campus invite status, not elements like teaching load or salary.

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