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    I was just offered a one year research position in a prominent business school; it’s somewhere between a job and a postdoc. The professor hiring me asked for my salary expectations and I’m attempting to look at salaries for comparable positions. How much do postdocs in business schools usually make? I know many or most business schools don’t even have postdocs, but I also know that some do. My PhD, which I’m just finishing up, wasn’t in a business school, so I don’t have much context. My experience is, however, extremely well-suited to the position. Advice would be most welcome!

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    Visiting positions for people directly out of their PhD program generally range from 60k – 100k for some context. But I am unfamiliar with post-doc position pay.

    Sounds interesting!

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    Hi, Nobody…I am in a similar position as yourself and would like to know of what sort of deal you were offered and settled upon. I am at the end of PhD at a business school in England and have been offered a postdoc by my supervisor.

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    Hi there! I’m a postdoc at a research-focused business school. Salaries generally depend on whether you’re required to teach (higher pay with higher teaching). As far as I know, postdocs without teaching tend to range between $45K and $70k. Hope this is helpful!

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    Agreed with all that has been said above: I heard the range is 50-80k. If you are a visiting AP, you may be offered a little bit more (but it often comes with teaching responsibilities).

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