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    It looks like it’s going to be hot, but not insane, with a chance of thunderstorms Saturday. Not ideal for trooping around in suits, but I’m sure there have been years with worse. I didn’t book the conference hotel, but I’m glad I’m only a five minute walk away!

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    Staying at the confernce hotel is much easier since it makes it an elevator ride up and down from your room to your interview.

    But Atlanta shouldnt be as bad as San Antonio and Orlando were! Vancouver was probably really easy for cnadidates that year.

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    It’s gotten worse – chance of thunderstorms every day now! Of my three interviews only one is in the hotel of my main division, so I’ll be doing some walking for those anyway. I used to have a small umbrella, that I can’t find – will have to cross my fingers.

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    Advice for future AOM years…
    I strongly recommend candidates who interview at AOM to stay at the conference hotel. It’s very helpful to have a place to go between interviews to sit, collect your thoughts, and prepare for the next interview. Interviewing is stressful and the easier you can make it on yourself the better. Conference hotels are expensive so best to start saving up for it in year 1.

    Even though Vancouver was cooler temperature wise (and city wise) the interviews were a bit of a walk from a lot of the other venues.

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