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    Has anyone gotten many invites for interviews at AOM? Especially for micro jobs?

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    I’m macro. Only two (with time still TBD on one of them – I got a range of times on Friday), plus one reception invitation as a candidate (which conflicts with the reception for my school, where I was hoping for a lot of introductions – but the invitation is for my top choice school – opportunity cost is real!). I was terrible at getting my committee to send out letters, and am a little nervous about how few meetings I have set up, but I am mostly applying to US schools that don’t have formal AOM interview processes, as far as I can tell. In previous years I’ve talked to so many amazing people from so many amazing schools, without anything set up in advance – but it’s much more anxiety inducing this year, for obvious reasons.

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    It looks like some people are updating jobs on the home page sheet with invites. But obviously not all of them, only three jobs have aom invite updates.

    If people have received some, please update to help everyone keep up to date! I think this is a cool feature of this website.

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