Major Upgrades in Time for Job Market

Upgrades in Place

I am really excited to announce some really cool upgrades to the site just in time for the job market. At this point, I am really happy with all the basic functionality of the site. The plan is to keep this version mostly in place for this first year, and revisit based on feedback from users for next year. The following is a list of upgrades/improvements:

  1. The job status update function is now working! Anyone can click on the “view more” link for any job and update the status of the individual job’s search. These will then reflect on the main list on the home page and are searchable/filterable in the main list.
  2. The main job listings have been updated so ANY information can be displayed dynamically. The job list loads with every field visible, but users can clean them up via the “column visibility” function which will update immediately. This is really cool since users can select what info they want to see and the sheet will then be searchable/filterable/sortable on those columns the user includes. All of this can then be exported or copied as well.
  3. The individual job pages that are viewable via the “view more” link has been updated significantly. I will be dedicating a post about this in the future to outline my thinking for these pages. You can see an example for the current CSU- Sacramento job here. All job pages will function and look the same way.
  4. User functions have been updated! Previously it was not possible for users to update basic info like passwords or emails. Now, when you are logged in, there is a link on the main bar that will let you updated all of your info however you would like.
  5. At the request of a few users, the links on the site have been made a darker shade of green to be a little easier to read.

Plans for the future

Going forward, there are some basic improvements/additions I have in mind:

  1. Working on the CV listings for candidates. This was a basic inclusion for right now since the job listings were a priority. These can be cleaned up and improved significantly. But, as of now, they do allow candidates to upload a full CV, which is cool.
  2. Accepted jobs report. The Google Sheets always had a sheet where people could report on details of the jobs they had accepted and include details such as salary/teaching load/moving expenses/etc. Schools were always kept anonymous. I think this would be nice to start tracking the info year over year. This might get implemented in a few months for this year before offers start going out.

Let the Search Begin!

I am really excited to see how things work this first year. As always, feel free to head to the forums to make suggestions on the future of the site.

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