Designing – Part 3: We Are on Social Media!

Holy Social Media Batman

Outside of the social aspects of Management Phd Jobs on our site that I talked about with the forum, I also wanted to make use of other tools we all use: social media.

The truth is that a lot of people on the market cannot simply track a job posting site 24 hours a day. But, there is a good chance you might be tracking your social media accounts 24 hours a day ;). If that is that case, then following us on Facebook or Twitter will be really beneficial since jobs that get posted to the site are highlighted on our social media accounts.

I also think being on social media can help add to the conversation about specific jobs since it not only makes them more public, but it also allows people to ask their networks about the jobs. Hopefully this is a minor feature that people come to use, I think it can help people keep track of new jobs without having to monitor the site constantly.

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