Designing – Part 1: The Open Jobs List

Over the next few weeks or so I want to outline my thinking for the site to help people understand how to use it. I think this will help as people start spending time with the site so they can provide feedback for future changes.

The List of Open Jobs

At the heart of the site is the home page which allows users view all of the posted jobs as well as post their own jobs or jobs they have found on other sites like AoM Placement Services or Chronicle Vitae. The beauty of the old Google Sheet solution was that anyone could log on and quickly view all the jobs that have been posted across the different outlets such as listserves or other sites.

However, the major issue with the old Google Sheets was that anyone could mess them up as they tried to sort or filter the jobs – and it happened often. So the idea for the home page was to make it easy to sort, filter, and export as the user wanted to.

Dynamic Filter, Sort, and Search

Managment PhD Jobs list of open job postings

The beauty of the current incarnation (which took my coder and myself A LOT of back and forth to get it somewhere close to what I was looking for) was that it does the main things I wanted. It quickly shows all the jobs first. Up to 100 at a time if you want. Next, you can choose which job fields to include in the spreadsheet by clicking the column visibility button drop-down button. In what can only be described as beautiful code in action, this happens instantly and dynamically without any need to reload the page. Currently, not all the job fields displayed on the job pages are possible, but it is on the to-do list. The user also can copy the currently displayed list or export it to a CSV, Excel, of PDF file. For old school users (IE The Gray Hair Users – TGHU), you can also print it on actual paper made from trees. The entire sheet can also be sorted on any of the columns by clicking on them.

Search to Filter

However, the coolest function (IMHO) is the search bar. The entire sheet can be dynamically filtered by typing into that bar. For example, the following is a search for assistant ranks with the “assis” typed in and sorted based on job focus. This only displays 5 of the current 10m jobs on the list. This list could be exported as is if the user wanted.

I also could have search for “3” to start filtering based on teaching load or posting dates or whatever else I was looking for. I think this is such a great tool to help people find what they are looking for quickly. And best of all, IT DOESN’T MESS THE SHEET UP FOR OTHERS! Hooray! All of the users sorts and filters are theirs alone for them to use on the page or export.

Stay tuned for future stories about other site functionalities. And please, let me know what you think by posting in the forums or reaching out to me directly.

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