Consider this Beta Version 0.0.1

Thanks so much for all of the early support so far! The launch so far has been good with some users signing up and a decent amount of traffic to the opening of the site. If you are looking for more basic information on what this site does, take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page. Beta Testing

I wanted to take a chance to lay out some visions for the future of the site. This is currently the most basic version, and the hope is to grow with the user community based on requests. So a list:

  1. Make sure all the basic functions work. This will only be discovered once more users come in and start to use the system. The focus will be largely on the job sheet, job pages, and posting/editing abilities.
  2. Ensure the forum is easy to use. One of the great things about the Google Sheets ended up being the community discussions that were made possible. A proper forum should help make following discussions easier in terms of seeing who is involved, being able to easily share info, and making sure everyone’s voice is heard. It always seemed strange to me that people would delete others comments… I suppose it could be accidental (a common theme with the sheet), but it also seemed like it might have been purposeful sometimes.
  3. Work on user abilities. This is limited right now. Currently, if you do register, you can edit jobs and post in the forums. You can also post a CV as a candidate, but that may be a bit shaky. Things need to be improved in terms of basics like adding profile pics and being able to edit other facets of the profile.
  4. Social media integration. Management PhD Jobs is on Twitter and Facebook (kinda)! We have a few followers on each. But it would be nice to be able to see daily updates on social media of what is taking place in the market. That will hopefully happen, but it might take a bit to get there. Also, there will be a bit more social media integration here on the site to connect to those platforms and share things like specific jobs, forum discussions, and other things.

So I hope you try the site out and see how it works. And please, share your feedback! You can contact me directly or share your thoughts with the rest of the community on the forum.

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