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    Reposting it here from the google sheet.

    What are your thoughts on Global Strategy Journal (GSJ) ?
    When will it become part of the coveted “A list” !

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    Impact factors don’t seem to suggest it is elite yet. Have they been rising? And, do impact factors even matter?

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    Literally never even heard of this journal…so I think it’s still a long way off.

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    Yes, they have been using Impact factors and it is on an upward trend.

    Some people do believe it will be an A in about 7-8 years since the journal is at the cross-roads of Strategy and IB.

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    Impact factors only matter somewhat (ASQ, Org Sci, OBHDP have had/still have relatively low impact factors, but are generally regarded as A-levels; JOM has a super high impact factor, but is not universally accepted as an A-level). Not sure if GSJ will ever become an A-level, but even if it does, 7-8 years sounds very optimistic. Perceptions change very slowly in our field.

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    Not an A journal. If you are applying to a top school and your only pub is there (or R&R) it won’t help and could hurt.

    -Anonyous faculty member.

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      That is an interesting take! So you are saying certain publications (particularly if you only have a few) can actually look worse that no publications?

      – Job Candidate

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      My committee told me the same thing about SEJ. I have no pubs, and was told to sit on an article that would fit there better than the A journals (for now) rather than submit it.

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        Wow, I would think SEJ would look good anywhere at this point. Most put it 3rd after ETP and JBV.

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    Interesting, I don’t think a publication in a journal that is new but growing fast would hurt a candidate on the market.
    Unless of course you are aiming for Harvard, Stanford and all !

    -My 0.02 $

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    From what I heard, GSJ is a strong contender for the coveted the coveted A pub club as well as the FT50 rankings.

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    It’s a strategy version of JIBS – not an A, but respected in IB-heavy departments.

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