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Update May 2019 – What is happening with the current Google Sheet?

Honestly, I have no idea. I was unaware of anything going on until someone jumped on here and posted some jobs and made some noise in the forum (which I get email notifications on). To the best I can figure it out, there was some kind of blow up between some users and people have been deleting entire sheets. It seems like this is the best one currently for 2019-2020 but no guarantees since it looks like there is some weird stuff in there still too:

Also, it looks like some are trying to transfer over to a reddit solution:

Honestly, I hope something gets figured out since some type of community sourced job list + forum is a huge benefit, particularly for new PhDs. As I stated in the forums yesterday, if people want me to work on continuing to develop this site, I am happy to, but it would have to be because enough people are actually interested in using it. There has never really been that much interest, hence why I stopped working on it a few years back.

Like I say below, I really have no plans to charge anyone to use this. If I did, it would just be enough to cover costs and would probably be for sponsored posts from schools. At this point, there is no functionality for that – If I ever choose to do that I would need to get a developer to build out that functionality. I am an AA at a balanced school, I make enough money from that obviously that whatever this site could make is inconsequential and I am currently happy paying the $12 a year for the domain out of my pocket just to see if people ever want to use this.

Good luck to everyone as you go through the search process! Hopefully cooler heads prevail and people come together on some type of solution!

Begin Original FAQS:

What is this site? serves multiple purposes in the management PhD job market. Ultimately, the job market for management PhDs is fraught with information asymmetries. Through the power of open sourced information from candidates and schools participating in the market shared on, these information asymmetries can be eliminated.

What type of information is available on

Lots! First, the location of job postings is very varied. AoM Placement Services, Chronicle Vitae,, and others are all places that schools may post a job. The problem is that candidates used to have to visit all of these different sites to find all the available jobs since there was no guarantee schools would post jobs on every site. solves this by aggregating postings into one central location in an easy to filter and easy to sort location. The second issue with the job market is that candidates (and schools!) are often in the dark about what step in the process schools are at with their search. If you are on the market, you have stressed about this! Has a school contacted candidates for Academy interviews? Has a school invited candidates out for campus visits? Has a school made an offer? Every job on is updated as it progresses through its search so candidates can know if they are still in the running or if the school has moved on without them.

How does the site work? Where does the information come from?

The power of is in the community itself of job candidates, schools that are hiring, and other management PhDs with job market information. Anyone can post a job that they have come across, update a job as they learn about new information, or ask questions for new updates.

I do not feel comfortable sharing information publicly! How do I protect myself?

The beauty of is that all users can remain completely anonymous as they use any of the functions of the website. When (and if) you choose to sign up for an account, you can choose to keep as much or as little of your identity and contact information private as you would like. will never share or sell users information.

If the site relies on the community to submit information, what is in it for me to share insider info I may have?

Fair point. The value of the site is directly related how much information is shared on that year’s job market. If you choose to withhold info, that might give you a slight advantage with that particular school. However, odds are someone will eventually share the information anyway. Further, as a community of scholars, the idea is to help each other towards an optimum solution for all job candidates and schools. This is best achieved if community members post new jobs as they become known and update jobs as they progress through their searches.

What other types of functions does serve?

Our forums are a great place for management PhDs, job candidates, and PhD students to connect and discuss the job market itself or other topics related to our community. If you have questions about the job market, there are lots of people on our forums that are looking to help! Also, if you are a job candidate, feel free to post your CV for schools to find you easily.

Who came up with the idea for

This is a good question, and one we do not exactly have a good answer to. is a solution to an existing flawed solution. A few years back someone had a great idea to start a community shared Google Sheet which sought to do many of the things that was designed to do. The Google Sheet would be shared between people at conferences and between people via word of mouth. The issue with the Google Sheet was that it was hard to work with. Information was often times accidently deleted, conversations were tough to follow since the sheet was not meant to be used as a forum, and searching and sorting the job listings was near impossible without messing the sheet up and having to revert to an older version. was designed and built to improve upon the functionality of the Google Sheet in a way that would allow future job candidates a more user friendly experience.

OK, but who actually runs this site? And why do they run it?

I am someone who studies social entrepreneurship and believes in making things better for other people. Are there ways to monetize the traffic on this site to make money for myself? Sure. Will I ever implement some of these things? Maybe. That might be via community donations just to cover the cost of running the site or via paid listings from schools for their jobs. I really am not sure at this point. Honestly, I just want to help people have an easier experience finding a job than I had when I was on the market! If helps you find a job, then my mission has been accomplished.

I still have questions that are not answered here, what can I do to get answers?

Either head over to our forums where you can talk with members from the community, or reach out to directly on the contact us page.